Dream League Soccer
Dream League Soccer You need to know
Do you know Dream League Soccer apk gives you the ability to put together your own soccer team, develop players, and compete against other teams. The graphics are good, the interface is intuitive and attractive, and the action is realistic. It’s possible to win big in this league, but you’ll have to put in the time and effort to get to the top.


The first thing you have to do when you start playing Dream League Soccer download is to pick your team captain from a list of eight players. Tapping one of these players brings up their stats and ratings, so you can compare them and decide which one you think will be best to lead your team. Then it’s time to learn the controls. You can start out in training mode to get used to passing, shooting, defending, and generally managing your team on the field. There is a short tutorial that explains the controls, which consist of a joystick-type button on the left-hand side of the screen, and three buttons for passing, shooting, and defending on the right-hand side.

Link download Dream League Soccer: http://dreamleaguesoccer.net/

Dream League Soccer Tips and tricks
Dream League Soccer is an entertaining football simulator where you must lead your team to glory starting from the lower ranks of a fictional league that includes several teams from the European leagues. How you can win without cheating.

At the beginning of the game Dream League Soccer you have to choose a name for your team, design your kit, and choose a captain. That done, you’ll start out in a league with several modest teams such as Levante, Anderlecht, and Herenveen. From there you’ll have to start winning matches in order to move up to a higher division.


Along the way you have to manage all aspects of your team: improve your stadium’s facilities, create your team’s tactics, sign players, and review all stats for your team’s starting squad. All this will have an impact when you take to the field and try to score goals.

The fun really begins in the game Dream League Soccer simulator. You only have three basic buttons: pass, shoot, and cross – but these are more than enough for you to enjoy an amazing control system. You can use them to block and make long passes, dribbles, lobs, and much more.


Build your team

Use in depth transfer system to build the team of your choice! . Sign players using coins or even spot a bargain in the free transfer market! Develop a team of up to 32 players for the ultimate experience, including the ability the create your own players!

Intelligent ai, Rapid gameplay and Sharp visuals

Smart defensive and attacking player AI form a challenging and addictive experience. With intuitive controls & excellent visuals, Dream League Soccer is the perfect Soccer package which captures the true essence of your favourite sport.

Dream League Soccer

Compete across 4 leagues in a bid to rise to the top!

Got the skills to gain promotion into the Elite Division? Or if that’s not enough, it doesn’t just end there…Friendly matches, the Global Challenge cup and a few extra prestigious competitions await the very best Dream Teams out there!

Develop your players to reach their full potential

Train your squad members in our unique player development program. Increase Ball Skills, Fitness, Distribution and much more!

Meet your targets

Strive every match to achieve your board’s season and match objectives, also keep your fans happy with our very own fan rating system!

Here are some tips experience:

Be confident. The most important thing to play is confidence. If you feel confident you will be likely to able choosing best strategy. If you don’t feel confident and thinking that using cheats is helpful, you may loose the game Dream League Soccer. You will not be able to focus on your strategy if you are thinking about using while you are playing

Use player that have better overall (better skills). This can make your team easier to make goal.

Keep stamina of players during the first therm, so in second therm you can make goal more easily.

Learn from others sources. Some players also often provide newbies with tips and tutorial for the sake of better gaming experience. There have been many links related in how to get the tips from internet.

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